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Prepare for Me to Fanboy/Geek Out Over This

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TandyQ said...
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Shadow Complex, a TBA game, is being worked on by the people who made Undertow (a game that I enjoyed, even if other people didn't). It's supposed to play a lot like Metroid, but in more of a 2.5 D setting. It also happens to be based on the book Empire, by Orson Scott Card, my favorite author of all time.

Excited? You bet your ass I am.
Shadow Complex

Shadow Complex (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Side-Scrolling Shooter
Release Date: 19/AUG/09
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Have you ever read Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card? If you haven't then I will tell you that it came out before Harry Potter...but can be best described as brutal Harry Potter in space.

After you read that you will realize that you geek meter is going off because that is the other of one of the most heart-wrenchingly epic series ever created.
I read Ender's Game all the way back in 8th grade. Amazing book. I've read it at least once a year since then. Still my favorite book of all time. I've read the rest of the series (both Bean and Ender's stories) since then, along with every other one of OSC's novels. I can't get enough of his storytelling! The man is a literary genius.
His Worthing Saga is incredible as well. Along with more recent novels, like Treason and Empire. Great stuff. His Homecoming series is also pretty epic.
cant say i know the names but any metroid-esq game wins points in my books
A video game...Based on a book? What is this madness?
It isn't like it is the first, harry potter is an example, there are quite a few games based on books. Dante's Inferno is also an upcoming game.
I've read Ender's Game, but I've always felt that the original short story was superior. The storytelling was tighter, and didn't meander.

Another OSC short story that would make a good game would be "Mykal's Songbird".

I think that OSC is far better at the short form than at novels. If you can find a copy, read "Maps in a Mirror". It's every short story he ever wrote from the 70s through the early 90s.

Also, did you know that OSC has advocated overthrowing the government over the issue of homosexual marriage? He thinks that people who are opposed should rise up against the government and install one that won't grant homosexuals equal rights. This doesn't detract from his skill as a writer, but it does make him seem like a bit of an over-reacting douche.
I love both Songbird and Maps in a Mirror. Great stuff in their own right. I dunno, I really like OSC's novel writing. Maybe it's just me.

Yeah, I know that he's said some very extremist things. He's hardcore Mormon too. I just prefer to ignore that and think of him as an amazing author. Nothing more.
I can't say I've read the books, but I'll definitely keep my eye on this. I thought undertow was pretty good...not amazing, but good.
That's the way I felt about the game as well. It was entertaining, and an interesting concept, but nothing groundbreaking.
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